The Inside Scoop On New York Fashion Week!


Gianni Martinez, Sports Editor

Marc Jacobs Spring 2020 (photo from

Do you love fashion? If so, you’re in luck because on Friday, September 6th the world’s most famous designers dressed the most beautiful people as they strutted down the red runway in their clothing. New York Fashion Week is one of the most iconic events of the year, thousands of stars and celebrities fly in from all over the world to watch the exciting new pieces of clothing coming soon from designers across the world. Marc Jacobs for example, closed out NYFW with an amazing display of fun and sophisticated, yet very colorful pieces of clothing capturing everyone’s eyes.

(photo from

Matthew Adams Dolan returned to New York Fashion Week after sitting a season out — he’s been busy helping Rihanna launch her own line. However he’s back and better, serving up new and different ways to use denim.

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Laura Vassar Brock and Kristopher Brock, the couple behind Brock Collection, decided to stage their show in the decadent ballroom of the Pierre Hotel, and their collection mirrored the grandeur of the setting.

Tom Ford can hardly be described as an underground designer, but his latest show brought guests to the subterranean platform of the Bowery subway station.

Of course there were more amazing designers and outfits, this was just a taste. Overall Spring of 202o has many new and exciting looks coming and I’m very excited! Thanks to all the talented and amazing designers for their work and of course all the beautiful models who weren’t afraid of stepping out of their comfort zone. That’s the scoop on New York Fashion Week!