The Hard Rock Hotel Collapses


Hard Rock Hotel collapsing

Alex Herman, Sports recorder

Three killed and dozens injured after the frightening collapse of the New Orleans “Hard Rock Hotel.” The hotel partially collapsed on the morning of Saturday, October 12th while undergoing construction. Emergency officials have stated, “It’s too early to know the cause of the collapse.”

On Sunday, rescue crews began the search for a worker who went missing during the partial collapse. By Tuesday, the New Orleans Fire Department was close to an area where the person was hopefully alive, but the exact location is unknown. They have tried using listening devices, but they have turned up no clear signs of life. Although, authorities have not given up hope and continue to send rescue teams to search for the missing worker.

Hard Rock Hotel aftermath

Welder David Hensley was working in the building when he suddenly heard a loud noise that sounded “like a train or an earthquake.” He was grateful many made it out, but is still mourning who died. Another worker said about 45 people were working inside the building. “I was on the 18th floor when it happened. We ran to the center of the building to escape,” he told reporters.

Videos began circulating all over social media of parts of the building collapsing down over the city roads.