Sophomore Swimmers Take On the 500


Alais Alzaga, Media Arts Editor

Maria Cooperstein swimming the 500

The swim team has many talented swimmers, and some new ones are on the rise. Sophomores Maria Cooperstein and Juliana Levy are relatively new to swimming, it’s only their 2nd season, but are making major improvements. Both of these athletes started as beginners and are now swimming hard events like the 500 yard freestyle. The 500 yard freestyle is usually reserved for more experienced swimmers as it is one of the toughest events, but these two proved themselves and are now proud swimmers of the event. The 500 yard freestyle event is 20 lengths of the pool and takes great endurance and strength. It’s truly a matter of finding the right pace, you can’t go too fast or too slow or else you will tire out and lose your race. Some swimmers like to have songs in their head while they swim so they can keep their pace, if you slow down at any point it is very difficult to get back to your previous speed.

I talked to the swimmers about the 500 and what led them to the sport in the first place.

Juliana Levy swimming the 500

Maria said that she had always enjoyed swimming, she just joined the high school team and loved it even more. Juliana has watched Olympic swimmers and joined the team out of inspiration from them and her aunt who also swam. Both swimmers longed for a challenge and took the opportunity when it was presented to them, Juliana wanted to inspire more people to challenge themselves and try new and harder events. The hardest parts for them are finding and keeping a pace that won’t just tire you out. Juliana just enjoys being able to swim peacefully as she plays the song Stayin’ Alive by Bees Gees to find her perfect pace in her head.  Maria said, “My favorite part is the last 50 when I know I can all out sprint and I’m almost done. I’m so close to freedom, thank god, thank the lord, I am coming home.” Maria is greatly inspired by her own team mates; when they try hard, she wants to try even harder. Both swimmers are incredibly talented and prove that hard work pays off as they improve every day. Juliana gives the advice,”If you want to do something, just do it. Don’t overthink it. Don’t think what if, just go for it.”