Mystery Of The Missing Toilet Solved


Nathalia Valdez, Associate Editor in Chief

As many of you have noticed, the girls’ restroom in the lower 200 building is missing a toilet and unfortunately for the girls ‘there’s only 4 bathroom stalls open during class. And while you’re standing in line with legs crossed, the question remains: where did it go? After talking to Ms. Tracy, custodian for the lower 200 building, the mystery was solved.

“The toilet broke,” she laughs. “Simply of old age, it’s been here for the longest time.” Even though the old toilets are never coming back, we’re not sure when we’re getting a replacement because that all depends on the TUSD plumber.

Even with four stalls still open, the bathroom lines are still very long. “I guess we can’t wait to get the Queen’s Throne,” jokes Ms. Tracy.