“World’s Strictest Parents” Will Change Your Attitude!


Mariana Flores, Reporter

Strict parents are strict for multiple reasons. Parents are strict because they love their kids, for health reasons, and for the kids’ overall safety and well-being. Imagine if you had to live abroad in another country from your parents, living with two random parent figures for a week. That is what this show is all about. “World’s Strictest Parents” is a British reality TV series that spotlights teens aging from thirteen to nineteen. The kids in the show deal with attitude, smoking, under-aged drinking, and safety. These parents have some strict rules not only for their own children, but for the teens that come to sit in their house for a week.

The show had 4 seasons and 33 episodes, airing from 2008-2011 on BBC Three. This show made many teens change their actions and begin bettering themselves. When asked about how the parents felt about 2 unruly teens coming in to their house they said, “We were nervous and anxious about the teens coming. We wanted to meet them and get to know them.” When asked how the teens felt about living away from their parents for a week, the teens said, “The parents are not going to like us at all. If they say no smoking, then we are still going to smoke or we are going to lie.”

Their YouTube channel still uploads clips from the show, full episodes, and teaching us that you don’t need a lot of things to get far in life, which is a great lesson for unruly teens to learn.