McKamey Manor – Torture in Disguise?

McKamey Manor - Torture in Disguise?

Brendon Davis, Reporter

Owner and one of the workers

McKamey Manor has recently spiked in popularity after it’s 40+ page waiver was exposed to the internet. Many have started a petition to shut down the two haunted house locations (one in Summertown, Tennessee and the other in Huntsville, Alabama) saying that it is a “torture chamber under disguise.” Included in the waiver, you have to agree that you could get a nail through the hand, a tooth pulled, or even get duct tape wrapped around your face, but it’s not limited to that.

A peak of what the waiver includes

This has been called “Legal Torture” by many. When you sign a waiver, people think that it allows what is stated in the contract to happen, which is true, but you are allowed to revoke permission at any time. McKamey never allowed that before until people started speaking up about it.
What’s amazing is that it’s completely free, just bring dog food for the owners 5 dogs,  AND you could win $20,000 if you manage to get through it. Although you have to go through many requirements in order to get in. You have to do screenings, have a physical, and  take a drug test the day of. Not everyyone could be suitable for something so intense. It lasts up to 10 hours and has tons of psychological horror, only the bravest can survive…