What Would You Do?


Mariana Flores, Beat Investigator

Imagine if you saw a problem going on somewhere in your every day life, whether it’s at a diner, in a store, or the mall. Have you had to make a split-second decision to solve an awkward, scary, or dangerous situation? In the TV show, What Would You Do? these situations are replicated.

In this ABC show, actors are hired to play different roles such as a waiter, a mother, berating teens, and many more. The show often takes different scenarios from news headlines to reenact them on the show.

During the show, the actors might go to a restaurant or a store to act out a confrontation to try to see how everyday people react. While shooting the scenarios, there are hidden cameras used to capture the reaction of a random passerby and whether or not they choose to get involved.

Seeing how people act is what makes the show interesting. When asked why people get involved, some say, “You know, it is just a random act of kindness.” When asked why people do not get involved a lot of the people say, “It was not my place to get involved with the situation.” 

Would YOU get involved if you saw a lost and crying child? Would you try to break up an argument in the middle of a restaurant? Even if it wasn’t your place to get involved, would it be in your best interest? The show What Would You Do? may shock and surprise you when you see how everyday people react. Would you do the right thing? Find out by watching What Would You Do? on ABC, I highly recommend it.