Congrats To The State Swimmers


Alais Alzaga, Media Arts Editor

Over November 7th and November 8th, 2019 four of our Sahuaro swimmers competed in the Arizona State swim championships. Nathan Kruszewski, Colton Marasco, Robert Sierra, Micheal Stewart, and Joe Zwierlein all attended the competition. Making it to State is a great accomplishment and Sahuaro is proud to have these swimmers on our team. It isn’t easy to get into State, the automatic time to qualify is 21.89 seconds (boys) for the 50 free event which is two lengths of a pool.

Nathan Kruszewski made it 17th in State for his 50 free event with an average time of 22.99 seconds. Going to State can be really intimidating; Nathan stated, “State was scary at first, seeing all the 6’5” people swimming for warm up, but after I got out of it I was in “Phelp mode” for my race.” He really enjoys swimming as it releases stress from school. Nathan grew up swimming as his parents, Jenny and Dave Kruszewski, are the swim coaches here at Sahuaro.

Colton Marasco enjoys swimming because,” … the thrill of the race… I find the water quiet and relaxing.” Colton has been swimming for three years, starting sophomore year on our school swim team.¬† He has gotten so far considering he has only been swimming for three years. He made 22nd for the 50 free and said, “State was a lot of fun, everyone there was super fast, and it was awesome to participate in… Coach Jenny and Coach K were the best coaches I’ve ever had, the rest of the team are all super¬† awesome with potential, I am going to miss all of you.”

Congratulations to all of the state swimmers who should be proud of how far they have come!