Record Breaking Black Friday Shopping Sales

Alex Herman, Sports recorder

Black Friday shopping is a MUST for American shoppers. Every year it just gets crazier and crazier! An online source has stated that, “Americans spent more money Black Friday shopping in 2019 than ever before.” Sales have gone up 71% just this year!

In store vs. online sales in 2019

Since smartphones and tablets are such a big part of society today, there has been an increasing number of sales online and in-store. Shoppers were even willing to travel distance just for a discount, “A quarter of consumers traveled more than 25 miles to visit a physical store.” “Black Friday shoppers spent 7.4 BILLION online, the second largest Internet shopping day ever,” according to data compiled by Adobe Analytics. It marked the biggest sales day ever for Black Friday. Apple Airpods, Samsung TVs, Disney’s “Frozen 2” toys, and many electronics were just a few of the most popular purchased items this year.

In addition, the online shopping sales rate could go up even more with a boost from bad weather. Bad weather? What do you mean bad weather? Well.. when extreme weather like rain storms or blizzards hit, no one wants to go outside to shop. Shoppers prefer to stay indoors and shop online.  It also has bumped the online shopping rate 7%.

The online sales aren’t even boosting up online shoppers, it’s also boosting multinational technology companies like Amazon. “Customers worldwide ordered, “hundreds of millions” of products, making 2019 the best-ever Black Friday and Cyber Monday in the company’s history.”