New Invention Makes Water out of Air


Alexis Bitnar, Fresh Face Editor

Ever thought that water could be sucked out of the air in the driest and hottest places?

Well, now that might be possible. Dutch artist, ap verheggen, known for making solar-powered sculptures that can produce water out of thin air, has come up with his latest invention – the dc 03 – a piece of art designed to be both art and have positive impact when it comes to climate change.   His design uses a solar panel to power an 18 W Peltier which can cool an aluminum block below the dew point of the air around it, causing the water to go to the surface and drip into a cup.

The piece is designed to be placed in a desert; the fountain is mounted on a condenser, concealed in a metallic box that serves as the platform for the work. It is designed to solve one of the world’s pressing problems by producing drinking water through solar energy and condensation. The sculpture operates well in a moist environment like the Netherlands, he said, but it will work even better in a desert environment, where solar power is strongest and where the heat accelerates condensation.

“There’s no sense to be pessimistic about the future,” Mr. Verheggen said in a recent interview at his home in The Hague. “With my projects, I want to show people that there are solutions, but you have to cross a certain border, and I feel that art is the perfect vehicle to break through the border.”