Top 10 Memes of 2019

Jordan Ford

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  • OK BOOMER, we all have that one boomer in our life so once this meme came out that’s all we could say. You could say it to your teacher, parents, grandparents, and anyone who has a boomer mentality.

  • Baby Yoda, an overall cute meme and maybe the cutest meme this year.

  • This meme hit on a different level. There are so many Spongebob memes, especially this year, but this one I have to say is and was the best.

  • Our goal this year was to beat Kylie Jenner’s picture of her baby, and we did that with an egg.

  • Put this meme on top of any opinion and it automatically became funny, relatable, and did I say funny?

  • The Area 51 meme was short-lived, but still, a very hyped up meme when it came out. Although it was just a meme, some people really tried and wanted to raid Area 51, but weren’t successful.

  • VIBE CHECK, this meme has recently become a popular one and what more can I say its funny.

  • This meme related to many of this year. The “daughter” crying to her “mom” meme. Put any context on top of this meme and it’s automatically funny and relatable.

  • Peppa what are you doing on my feed? Peppa Pig, the one and only Miss Icon. Peppa Pig was iconic this year with many memes speculating on the internet.

  • AND I OOP…this meme was everywhere in the beginning of this year, and people are still saying it to this day.

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This year was a wild year for world events and don’t forget memes. Here are some of THE FUNNIEST memes of 2019. Let’s get it bois!