Juice Wrld Dies At 21


Nathalia Valdez, Associate Editor-in-Chief

On Sunday, December 8, Jarad Anthony Higgins also known as Juice Wrld, died due to a seizure in Chicago, his hometown.  Born on December 2nd 1998 Higgens is most known for his song “Lucid Dreams” and “All Girls Are The Same”. Juice Wrld has been on Billboard top 100 multiple times, ever since releasing his first album “Wrld On Drugs” in 2018.

Juice Wrld allegedly overdosed on Percocet and according to the people on the plane with him, he seemed to have some sort of medical emergency .

But while Juice WRLD found commercial success, he openly struggled with mental health issues and drug addiction. “Everything’s okay but it’s not really okay / My life’s a death race / I’m numbing my pain with codeine rain / I’m going insane,” he sang on the 2019 song “Maze.” In an April 2019 New York Times interview, he said he was planning on undergoing a detox in Los Angeles. “Every now and then I have concerns,” he told the Times.

Juice suffered from depression and in one of his songs, talks about a girl breaking his heart and that being the start of his depression.