Things You Should Do as a Senior Before Dipping


Dacey Cervantes, Senior Spotlight Editor

Whether you are socially “not with it” or you’re at every school event, there are some things you may have not done yet and should do. Graduation is right around the corner folks, and it’s getting real serious right about now, but there’s still time for you to have fun and make the most before dipping out of either the worst or best four years of your life. Make these last 80 something days worth more than school work and stress about what you’re going to do after high school. Take a breath and try some of these cool things before saying peace out to high school. These memories can last you forever, and you’ll be so glad to have them.

Sahuaro Prom 2k19

Go to prom!!

Yes, prom can be cheesy, but some of your parents who didn’t go, may be regretting not going. Who cares what any one else thinks about it, if you even have the slightest thought of going, then GO! Go with friends or even a date and make the night one to remember. Get dressed up and dance the night away.

Orchestra at the 2k19 Winter Assembly

Attend a school event you normally wouldn’t

There is so much going on at your school than you realize. Before dipping out, check out the school schedule and go to a sports game, a musical event or even play, find an event at your school you didn’t even know about and go check it out. It could be fun, but you’ll never know unless you go. Plus, it could be something you reflect on in the past as one of the best memories of high school.

Start doing your own laundry

If you haven’t already, start doing your own laundry. When you move out on your own, whether into a dorm or your own place, you’ll have to do it anyways. Why not learn when your parents are home and can teach you what “heavy duty” and “air fluff” means. Plus, do you really think your parents want to see you or spend time with only when they’re folding your laundry?

Do a senior prank, but DO NOT take it too far!

Getting expelled is a really dumb idea a few weeks before graduation. Just have fun. Don’t be destructive and get suspended or even *gasp* arrested. Yeah, don’t do that. Just have fun and pull a funny prank. A senior prank is fun and funny especially when done with friends, make it friendly, and make it one you’ll laugh about in the future when you’re telling your kids or nieces/nephews.

Time Capsule!!!!

You may hate seeing your school papers now, but believe it or not one day you’ll love to see them. Seeing your old school work will bring so many memories you may have thought you forgot. So, with that in mind find yourself a box and put objects from your high school years and papers. On the lid put “Do Not Open Until…”, you won’t regret it, just trust. When the time comes to open it, you’ll love it! You’ll remember the good times and probably laugh or smile about some of things you decided to put in your time capsule.

This is your final year of high school, so make it last and have a blast!