Exolung – A Way to Breathe Underwater…Endlessly

The Newest Tech With Diving


Amber Landon, Cougar Tales Editor

The Exolung is a new approach to shallow water diving. It can also be used for recreational use in a pool or training, or with underwater gymnastics or yoga. The point was to create a simple extension to just the fins, mask and snorkel kit. It is simple, robust and affordable and does not require much maintenance or care. It doesn’t require any recharge or refill. It’s lightweight, weighing at only 3.5 kilograms, or 7.7 pounds. It’s super-compact, making it highly flexible, portable, and functional. There’s a high level of safety that comes from the buoy that’s attached to you the entire time while diving. There’s no need for a diving certificate, though you should have a basic knowledge of compressed air diving. You can take classes for that.

The way that this work is with your legs. Extending your legs means exhaling, and retracting your legs is inhaling. Fresh air is drawn from the surface from an air supply hose, and water is displaced in the air bell. Water pressure puts air into the air bell, where you can inhale effortlessly. The Exolung comes in different colors and designs. The most expensive one is about $550 USD, while the rest are about $330 USD. This could very well be the future of deeper sea diving, and being able to explore deeper for a cheaper price.