Everything to Say About “Say Nothing”

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Image from Facebook

Amanda Mourelatos, Editor in Chief

On January 31st, 2020, Theory of a Deadman released their seventh studio album titled Say Nothing. Theory of a Deadman, now going by THEORY, (but will always be Theory of a Deadman in my heart) has changed their lyrical style. I’d say that The Truth Is… was the end of their “objectifying women and hating life” era and Savages was the beginning of the “life, love and heartache” era. With this new era came a more pop-like feel to their music, and you can feel this strongly in Say Nothing.

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This album only had 10 songs, making it short and sweet. To me, it’s a good album, but this one song leaves an interesting taste in my mouth and the songs all sound very similar.

Ted Bundy” gives me a weird feeling right off the bat. And it’s catchy, but the lyrics have the writer or the lead singer comparing himself to Bundy, but in a helpless romantic sort of way. For example, the chorus says, “Baby, you know that I love you to death, but I’m never gonna see you again.” If the song wasn’t titled “Ted Bundy,” these lyrics would have a normal meaning to them. So that song leaves me with a weird gut feeling.

Besides that song, all the others have similar rhythms and lyrical themes. Songs such as “Affluenza,” “World Keeps Spinning,” and “White Boy” are about living life. “Affluenza” is about money and being mistreated for not having enough. “World Keeps Spinning” is about missing what you used to have. “White Boy” is about the views of the world through different eyes. They’re all so similar, it’s like they ran out of ideas for lyrics.

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Songs such as “Black Hole In Your Heart,” “History of Violence,” and the title track, “Say Nothing” are all love songs. Same with these songs, they’re all about a girl with different issues in each song. “Black Hole In Your Heart” is about someone that’s toxic and controlling. “History of Violence” is about someone that’s dangerously beautiful. “Say Nothing” is about missing out on the shot that should’ve been taken. They’re all about love, but have their own bit of heartache in their own ways.

Overall, it’s a good album with well made songs, but there’s a lot of repetition between them. As singular songs, they’re pieces of work; but as an album, it’s somewhat of a broken record.