Feel Good News Stories

Feel Good News Stories

Amber Landon, Cougar Tales Editor

Helicopter Crash Victims Honored at Lakers Game

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The L.A. Lakers honored Kobe and Gigi Bryant at their first home game after his death. Lebron James gave a speech and everyone in the Staples Center stood for a moment of silence. They honored Kobe and Gigi, as well as the other helicopter crash victims. People are also petitioning that the NBA changes their logo to Kobe Bryant.

Cafe Gives Jobs to People With Disabilities

A Cafe in New Jersey is giving job opportunities to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Pamela Donovan founded Ethan and the Bean, to help give opportunities to those who normally don’t get them. Donovan’s son, Ethan, lives with autism so she has experienced the hardships first hand with her own son. They offer to train anyone who has disabilities and help them with working in their cafe.


A Man Dropped $6M to Thank the People Who Saved His Dog

A man spent $6 million on a Super Bowl add to thank the University of Wisconsin vet school for saving his dog, Scout, when they discovered he had cancer. Scout received chemo and radiation to exterminate his cancer. To this Day, Scout is almost cancer free.

Man Plays Classical Music to Elephants

This man plays classical music for sick or old elephants, and the elephants are reported to love it. Musician, Paul Barton, first visited Elephants World as a tourist, then asked if he could come back and bring his piano. The park said yes, surprisingly. Now, he regularly visits the parks and plays for the elephants.