Beer Cans Feature Adoptable Shelter Dogs!

Alex Herman, Sports Recorder

The signs that always make animal lovers feel bad – the ones you usually see taped on a street pole titled “lost dog”, but have you ever seen a lost dog or a dog that’s in need of a family on a beer can? Because that’s what’s currently happening (as of now) in Bradenton, Florida.

Recently, Motorworks Brewing started a positive campaign where they began putting the faces of adoptable pups on their beer cans. There has been some criticism, but as Adoptable Dog Cruiser Kölsch says, it’s “all for a good cause.” Barry Elwonger of Motorworks Brewing explained how “there are hundreds of other dogs at the shelter that are looking for homes and that’s really the point. It’s not just to get those four dogs adopted, it’s to raise awareness and raise funds in general.” With featuring the puppies on the cans, it will help citizens find their lost dogs and even help find the pups their fur-ever homes! Proceeds with limited-time brews will also go towards the funding to help build a new shelter.

Hazel with her owner featured on the can!

The dogs on the cans seemed to help one Minnesota woman named Monica Mathis, who came across her missing dog while scrolling through her social media. Her beloved dog Hazel was missing for THREE years, but Monica didn’t give up hope on finding her pup. While scrolling through her social media, she came across the Florida brewing company that was featuring sheltered animals. Hazel was one of four dogs chosen to have their smiling profile picture featured on the beer. Monica expressed, “I was looking at the dogs and I was like oh my gosh, that’s Hazel.” Soon after submitting vet records and photos to the pet shelter, Monica was reunited with her precious pup.