Kirk Douglas Leaves $80 Million to Charity


Alorah Leinenbach, Beat Investigator

Kirk Douglas, one of the leading stars of Hollywood’s golden age, died on February 5, 2020 at the age of 103.

As a child, Douglas spent life with six sisters and immigrant parents. For 65 years Kirk was together with his wife Anna Douglas, who is 101 years old. The two had three sons together, Michael, Joel, and Peter.  Kirk left the bulk of his $80 million estate to the Douglas Foundation, the charity he co-founded nearly six decades ago.

Douglas and his wife created “The Douglas Foundation” in 1964 which helps various organizations such as the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles, and a St. Lawrence University scholarship for underprivileged students. “The Douglas Foundation’s principal goal is to help those who cannot otherwise help themselves,” the group’s website says.

“Its primary focus is improving education and health, fostering the well-being, and most importantly developing new opportunities for the child who hold our future in their hands.”

Douglas is most known for the film Spartacus which was a 1960 American historical drama film. He was the role lead in the film which was about  Spartacus’ life being born and raised as a slave.

Kirk Douglas was an amazing American producer.  He wanted to be the main actor in the film, “The Red Robin of Spring,” but he never got to do that. Douglas thought of himself as kind and giving, saying, “When I was little I would give out candies and food to my classmates.” Another success was that he acted in a film with Robert Mitchum which was a huge accomplishment for him. The film is named ‘Out Of The Past”.

Even though Kirk Douglas passed away in California, everyone can still thank him for all of his success and the impact he has made. His wife said, “He was the most handsome and caring person that I met, and now that he is gone I don’t know what to do with myself”.