Alyssa “The Certified Baller” Brown


Nevaeh Castro, Beat Investigator

Fresh out of Tucson, Arizona, Alyssa grew into a sports-loving family. With mom checking on her well being constantly, and dad as the motivator, Alyssa and her basketball career have various factors that play into how far she’s come.

When she was younger, Alyssa was coached by her dad in club basketball for about 11 years. “It was hard with my dad as a coach because he always had high expectations,” she says.

“Did the other teammates ever feel a certain type of way about you, being that you were the coach’s daughter?”

Alyssa replied, “The other teammates were more focused about the basketball aspect rather than each other’s individual status.”

In one week, she spends about 10-14 hours playing basketball, which proves half of the fact that Alyssa Brown hit her 2,000th point mark on February 19th against Moon Valley High School!

“How do you feel knowing that your team qualified for the Final Four tournament?” I asked.

Alyssa replied, “I’m overly proud that us as a team made it this far, on the other hand I’m a little nervous because some teammates are stressing to better themselves to be the best they can”.

Alyssa currently has 8 college offers for basketball including GCU, NAU, and St. Jones University. Keep in mind that Ayssa Brown is only and junior and has a very bright future ahead!