LGBT Free Zone Poland gets Backlash from the EU


Brendon Davis, Beat Investigator

One third of Poland is a “LGBT Free Zone,” meaning that, they do not tolerate anyone that is lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or anything else you may identify as. In this one third of the country, it is unsafe for anyone who isn’t heterosexual. This is very discriminatory and the European Parliament finally spoke up about it.

“Poland should revoke resolutions attacking LGBT rights,” E.U. officials say. They want to protect the children, and condemn these anti-LGBT laws. Many of the officials in Poland are implying that LGBT people are ruining the children’s “morality and health”

The sudden peak with anti-LGBT narrative has been ever present in Poland, but heightened February 2019, when Warsaw Mayor, Rafal Trzaskowski, signed a pro-LGBT Charter, which infuriated many Poles. This charter would support vulnerable members of the community.  Many were against this, and it showed when they voted. 60% were against LGBT and “pro-family”

A “pro-family” narrative is against LGBT being taught to kids or even being seen by kids. They believe that exposing kids to this is an “early sexualization of kids.” Since then, people have been working to ban Pride parades all throughout Poland as a way to avoid this “sexualizing.”

Many of the reasons they are working to “banish” LGBT people, is because of health reasons, to protect the children, and to preserve the value of family and marriage. While this is going on, the EU is working to prevent this from happening. They also want to protect the children, along with the LGBT people of Poland.