Nik Wallenda, Tight Rope Walk Over Volcano!

Jordan Ford, Opinion Editor

From walking over the Grand Canyon and Niagara Falls, Nik Wallenda is one of the craziest yet most talented

acrobats ever. Though yet again, he did something even crazier on March fourth. Nik is known for walking on high wire platforms without a safety net! Not many people would ever consider doing this but here he is, doing it. The insanely talented Nik added another accomplishment to his belt with him walking an 1,800 foot long walk over the Masaya Volcano in Nicaragua on live television! He accomplished this all within thirty-one minutes and twenty-two seconds! This was all broadcasted on ABC, everyone who watched this watched in anticipation.

As he walked over it he had to wear a gas mask due to how dangerous the smoke was if he would have had direct contact with it. “The first third of the walk and being able to see the lava under me was incredible!” Nik’s family is known for all the insane things they all have done. He is a seventh generation member of The Flying Wallendas,

His wife, Erindira Wallenda also performed a stunt over the volcano that night, an Aerial Performance. This was not her first time doing something to this extent, she also hung off of a aerial loop over a waterfall by her teeth.  They have been performing together for over two decades. They have been married since 1991 and he proposed on a tight rope, which is very fitting due to their occupations. All three of their children also perform on the wire, but not over the volcano. Overall this family is insanely talented and a little crazy for what they do, but we all hope to see what they have planned ahead.