Red Flag Law Explained


Judeia Holladay, Beat Investigator

A red flag law as it stands now in some states allows for a judge to write a court order to seize a person’s firearms after an investigation has been conducted and reasonable evidence has been provided to make a conviction. Several other states have since joined Connecticut to combat gun violence in America. Connecticut lawmakers propose to expand on the existing law, wishing to include healthcare professionals such as psychologists and doctors as well as family members of the accused to make court complaints.  Already in some states across the nation, there are stricter laws than what are in place for Connecticut as of now, but Connecticut is setting somewhat of a precedent for the rest of the country in a sense, being that they were the first to adopt such policies anyway.

The main problem conservatives and others have with the newly purposed guidelines for the law is that health professionals or family of the accused can make a court complaint with no basis or evidence to support said claim. Police and other law related officials have an obligation to protect the public and as a result it does make sense that given a proper investigation and sufficient evidence provided by law enforcement that the government may then seize an individual’s firearms. Others believe this law is an effective step towards making America a safer place for its citizens. What remains to be seen is if individuals will abuse the law to make false accusations against others that may align with their personal interest. What is considered crossing the line in regards to gun rights is often controversial in today’s America as its government and its citizens scramble to find a proper solution to gun violence while still maintaining Americans constitutional right to bear arms.