How To Get Your Crush To Notice You


Lanie DuVall, Contributor

Most people are extremely scared of telling the people they like how they feel then end up losing their chance. I interviewed 3 people on how they got into their current relationships and any tips they might have for others who are stuck on go to talk to someone who they have feelings for. 

“It’s honestly really simple,” says sophomore Jade Rodriguez. “If you feel something there, most likely they feel it too, even if you don’t think. So there’s most likely some kind of feeling on both sides”. Jade and her girlfriend have been together for almost a year and her girlfriend Kayla was the one who decided it was time to make the first move. 

Sophomore, Kylie Ortega says “Though I’m not in a relationship I think confidence is key.” “As long as you’re being who you are the right people will go for you”. Try approaching them. No matter what, the worse that could happen is they could be uninterested and you stay friends which is no big deal! 

Sophomore, Emma Juarez had a lot of advice to give to those who are too scared to talk to their crush or tell them how they feel. “Always be friends with them first.” Truthfully it is so much better to know you already have a bond and can stand being around each other before you start a further relationship. People usually skip the friendship step so they don’t ruin a friendship but end up realizing that not already having a connection with someone can make a relationship harder.

“In 30 years it won’t matter so shoot your shots now cause you’re only a kid once.”

You heard it here ladies and gents, tell that special person how you feel! We’re all kids and at the end of the day what you say and do won’t be embarrassing in 30 years. You never know what could happen so just like everything else you want in life, go for it.

So to answer the question, “How do you get your crush to notice you?”, here’s the steps. 

  1. Get to know them
  2. If you form a good friendship don’t be scared to shoot your shot
  3. If all fails there’s plenty of fish in the sea

Hopefully the advice I recieved has helped anyone reading who needed help getting out there and yelling that person how they feel. Good luck out there love birds!