Nothing’s Holding The Sahuaro Football Team Back This Year


The team practicing while social distancing.

Alex Herman, Reporter

The hardworking, committed, and determined football team has already returned for a new season this year, but what does it look like for them and how is it different now?

Sahuaro’s football team has been in game and focused for “about a month” now, but it hasn’t been as simple. Senior football player, Miguel Yslas, would describe it as a “super slow process”. Miguel explained, “Last year we had total freedom and it was just grinding all the time because we knew what we were shooting for. This year when we started with groups of 10 it was doubtful we would have a season.” But now their feelings of uncertainty have changed. “We know what we’re shooting for again and everything’s falling into place and we’ve adjusted well; some of us are still getting used to the covid screenings before going, but other than that, we’ve been set in championship mode since the start of phase 2.”

Since social distancing is a new must, the team must wear masks, and have daily temperatures checks. If someone on another team tests positive, the players have to begin a two week quaratine. So that means the players are making sure they’re doing their part to prevent that.

Miguel, along with the other players, may also feel determined and hopeful to make it to State. “I hope that we can make it to State. The players we have this year are very coachable and we all have a chip on our shoulder that we have something to prove this year. We want to prove that no matter what comes our way we can shine through. I believe we have all we need to go all the way we just have to put the work in to make it there.” Miguel also went on to say, “We’re blue collard men as Coach McKee says and we will work with what we got and through anything we have to get what we want and we know what it is, so we’re gonna work our hardest to get there.”

I think we all can say that this team is all for anything that will come their way while still trying to stay positive and safe. They will stay killing it this year! Good luck players!