One Year of Fine Line


Photoshoot for the album cover of ‘Fine Line’ by Harry Styles

Nousha Aldhefery, Associate Editor In Chief

In November 2019, Harry Styles released his second album, ‘Fine Line‘. This album was a created masterpiece, manufactured for stability, quality, and emotional creativeness. This album captures Harry Styles’ emotional creativity in ways fans never would have thought of after his leaving the pop boy band, One Direction.

Fine Line’s Album Cover by Harry Styles.

This album opens with ‘Golden’ an upbeat, loving song, it’s one of those songs you have your first kiss with. After ‘Golden’ it progresses into more love upbeat songs ‘Watermelon Sugar’ and ‘Adore You’ (both of which became hit singles). This love pop makes you dance, makes you sing, it’s everything you’d want in a “singing in the shower” playlist.

Then, the album makes a shift. After ‘Adore You’; a song about wanting to give all of your love to someone, it transcends into ‘Lights Up’; a song about questioning your morals.

‘Lights Up’ was a crucial placement regarding the track list of the album, as the album starts with an upbeat, joyful Harry Styles, it is soon going to ‘Lights Up’. When Harry questions himself; he is left with an identity crisis. The song ends with the lyric “Do you know who you are?” Forming a new side of the album, the B side; the Harry’s raw thoughts side.

The next batch of songs includes Harry’s relationships failing, as he sings about his ex-lover finding someone else on ‘Cherry’, hurting from that breakup in ‘Falling’, feeling lonely afterwards in ‘To Be So Lonely’ and soon transcends to Fine Line, concluding the album.

Okay Styles fans, it’s been a year of listening and repeating, so… what is the best song on Fine Line? I’ve analyzed this album inside and out, listening to it almost every day. To conclude, a year of these tunes, I have decided that the best song on Fine Line is Fine Line.

Not only does this song talk about Harry’s feelings, but captures the perspective of viewers who are suffering mentally as well. I’m a sucker for songs that have multiple interpretations, and this song has quite a lot, which defines the album’s purpose, and wraps it up into one of the most amazing closures I’ve ever heard on an album.

As the song begins, it is just Harry and his guitar, strumming with a gloomy monotone voice, this could be a representation of how alone Harry feels. As it’s just him, and one instrument playing, he sings these depressive lyrics to show that he’s lonely, and there’s not a world where he is happy; In the middle of the depressive verses, there are short spurts of the chorus where he sings “We’ll be a fine line,” repeatedly, making it apparent that he’s alone, but there is a tiny voice in his head saying that “It’ll be alright.”

As the song progresses, Harry sings “We’ll be a fine line” repeatedly until that is all he says, and as this is all he says, multiple instruments are introduced into the song. By the end of the song, there are fireworks of orchestra instruments, his guitar, and Harry’s voice repeating “We’ll be a fine line”. This is showing that Harry has soon discovered he’s not alone, the instruments are with him. When all the instruments begin into the song, Harry now adds in the lyric “We’ll be alright.” followed up on his silence of voice, as he lets the instruments play around. This is a spotlight for every instrument added, it crescendos into an emotional thought process that every listener can feel.

Harry Styles for Rolling Stone Magazine

At the end of the song, it is Harry, the instruments, and a chorus of vocals all sung by him, and for the first time in the entire duration of the six minutes, one voice in the chorus goes up. It goes a bit higher than the rest, then the song fades out; the last chord hits, and the journey of the album ends, leaving you with a warm feeling that everything will be okay.

From the track list, to the lyrics, to the music, this album is one of the best ones I’ve heard. It’s exceeding variability leaves every listener feeling rekindled as a new person. If you’re looking for an album that makes you feel something- this is the one.