“Pot Prop” Passes In Arizona


Caleb Pearce-Huffman, Reporter

Prop 207 was rejected by Arizonans in 2016, but not in this curveball year. On Tuesday night, the legalization of pot was approved in Arizona. Azfamily.com holds a collection of short videos in their articles for information on Prop 207. Here’s what I learned.

Prop 207 was added to the ballot by Smart and Safe Arizona back in November; they needed 255,080 signatures and exceeded with 416,000. I saw in one of their articles that they rounded it up to 420,000, which gave me a hearty chuckle. One newscaster stated that over a million and a half citizens of AZ voted for prop 207 in November, and I read in their article that $3 million had been raised for the campaign.

Adam Trenk, cannabis attorney at Rose Law Group, answered some questions about the taboo of marijuana for azfamily.com. You can carry and purchase up to an ounce, which is very different, because today you would be charged for the possession of any amount. 40-45 recreational licenses will be issued to new recreational dispensaries in counties where there aren’t already 2 medical dispensaries. That one was a mouthful. 26 more licenses will be given through the Social Equity Ownership Program. I looked up an article by Adam Trenk himself, who described the additional licenses as “specifically allocated for applicants from communities that were disproportionately impacted by past marijuana prohibition laws.” All medical businesses can become recreational; he predicts shelves will be empty, and dispensaries will struggle to stock shelves. I think prop 207 is a change that was inevitable, and I think it was a simple change. I think people that disapprove of use of marijuana shouldn’t be affected by the pot prop. Hopefully the divide will grow weaker and unity may emerge. I see a future where more states will follow in legalizing recreational use.