Joe Biden Is America’s New President-Elect


Mei Dotzler, Reporter

After 72 hours of anxiously refreshing the polls and countrywide civil unrest, half of the nation roars as Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are crowned president and vice president-elect. The boroughs of New York City erupt in celebration over the much anticipated news, strangers all across the U.S. coming together to dance in the streets in light of their new president to be. Click here to see the video.

However, Trump is not surrendering without resistance — the Trump administration is demanding a recount and suing for election voter fraud in sudden blue-turned states Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Georgia. Although he swears there were illegalities in the counting process, it is highly unlikely Trump will be able to match Biden’s 290 electoral votes with his staggering 234.

So, what is Biden’s official course of action for his first 100 days in the White House? Biden ran with a heavily policy-based campaign, ambitiously promising to reverse all of Trump’s seemingly radical policies by broadening the country’s economic and environmental initiatives, and taking action on racial justice, foreign policy, and immigration.

Wearing mask, President-elect Joe Biden makes first public appearance since March

Leading with his strategies to tackle the COVID crisis, Biden has already assembled a coronavirus task force, a team of esteemed advisors who will help navigate a response to the pandemic once he takes office. Working off his proposed COVID plan and mending the U.S. relationship with the WHO, Biden wants to put an additional $25 billion towards an increase in testing resources and vaccine production, while also invoking another 6-week nationwide lockdown. Currently working to install an “effective distribution plan” that will take effect the first day of his presidency, Biden wants to ensure the vaccine is given to every American, cost-free. However, Trump has said that he will have a vaccine ready for distribution by the end of 2020.

Along with integrating intense COVID safety measures, Biden has also vowed to reform tax and immigration laws, starting with reversing Trump’s corporate tax cuts and indefinitely halting the construction of the U.S.-Mexican border wall. Biden has declared to raise the corporate income taxes to 28%, pledging that any American making less than $400k a year will not be affected. He plans on creating comprehensive immigration legislation and making DACA a permanent program in the U.S., providing citizenship for over 11 million illegal immigrants.

More societal reform should take place as well, like extending the Voting Rights Act and investing $300 million in police reform to placate the country’s outcry with the Black Lives Matter Movement. Wanting to make America the international leader on climate change, Biden also prepares to put forth $2 trillion to enable his clean energy plan, ceasing the use of natural coal and oil and making everything electricity-based.

Biden has made countless promises to the American people, assuring there will be a plethora of new sustainable jobs and boosting the Affordable Care Act that will be in effect by his inauguration on January 20th. Hopefully Biden can lead with a sense of virtue and integrity that will put the country back on the right path that we have so dangerously steered away from.