Cringiest Moments of 2020

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  • Believe it or not the VMA’ s happened before COVID hit, leaving behind one of the cringiest moments of 2020. Taking #8 we have Brad Pitt admitting he was gonna bring his mother to the VMA’s, but decided against it because everyone assumes “he’s dating the women” he brings with him. Jeez Brad, on behalf of the internet, we’re sorry.

  • Coming in as a strong #7 we have Kanye West crying (yes again) because he believes he “almost murdered his daughter” when he and Kim wondered if she should abort. Just to make things cringier, this was during his “Presidential Rally” shortly after he announced he would be running for POTUS. And finally, the cherry on top, Kanye accused Harriet Tubman saying “Harriet Tubman actually never freed the slaves, she just had the slaves go work for other white people,” HUUHH?

  • In #6 we have Ben Shapiro ANALYZING the lyrics of WAP (by Cardi B and Megan thee Stalion) to prove what? We’re not exactly sure… Fans were quick to make remixes and jokes over Shapiro’ s astounding discovery of modern music. #sorrynotsorry

  • In 5th we have President Donald Trump and first lady Melania during Trump’s rally in Valdosta, Ga. where Trump falsely claimed to have already won Georgia… only to find that Biden won the state in a landslide. It is worth mentioning that Trump did make many tweets claiming the election was rigged and biased, however no evedince has been found making the whole stuation rattlingly cringy.

  • In 4th place we have Carol Baskin on ‘Dancing With The Stars’ and if that doesn’t sound cringy enough, she dressed up as a lion. Just a bit of backround information on Mrs. Baskin, she was accused of killing her ex-husband and feeding him to her pet tigers, uhhu, don’t think its cringy yet? Her and Joe Exotic had many feuds including one where Joe literally wrote a song about how she killed her husband. However, Joe has seen better days since he is currently in prison for attempting to murder Carol, and Carol has officially taken over his former Tiger Farm.

  • Coming in 3rd we have the Kim Kardashian private island scandal. It definitley seems like every year she has a new scandal, but I’d have to say this one takes number one. Not only did she take her “closest inner circle” to a private island to celebrate her 40th birthday. She also made sure everyone knew about it. She tweeted and posted multiple images via twitter and instagram, saying things like “im truley humbled,” and “feel normal for a breif moment in time.” Many celeberties and fans called her out, but the Kar/Jenners did what they do best, literally ignore it.

  • In #2 and debatably 1st (haha no pun intended) we have Thee Presidential Debate. From the “come on man” to “fake news” this whole debate was the worst debate in the history of America. Not only did the candidates constantly talk over each other, they also dodged every question thrown at them. I know we were all sitting on the couch cringing every time one of them opened their mouth.

  • No doubt about it #1 has to go the the infamous “Biden for Resident” tweet posted by Donald Trump himself. Even though it had the people at the old folk home laughing, the cringy part is that Trump actually lost the election to Resident Biden :)

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Nathalia Valdez, Editor-in-chief