UFO ‘Black Vault’ Documents Released To Download Online



Alex Herman, Reporter

The CIA has officially released documents on what they allege are documents containg information on UFOs (unidentified flying objects) just months before the U.S. intelligence agencies are to appear before Congress to reveal more information about the UFOs. Where can you find the documents? Well they can be downloaded from The Black Vault?-an online archive of declassified government documents.

Picture from: thesun.co.uk

For over three decades, the U.S government has collected and analyzed UFO data . The data contains more than “2,700” pages worth of UFO related data since the 1980s. The data contains dozens of incidents surrounding UFO sightings and people’s own experiences with what they say are UFOs. Interestingly, one of the case’s documents even has a vivid description of a mysterious explosion that took place in a Russian town.

The Black Vault website

The Black Vault, the sight that tells it all, was put together by podcaster John Greenwald, Jr. He details the process of obtaining the UFO records and sharing the struggles along the way saying,“They (CIA) never addressed the records that were dated in the years after the case.” He actually spent years fighting the CIA for the recently released documents. Many, he said, were released in the 1990s, but thousands and thousands of pages still remained. He also says, “Just because the CIA says this is all of the documents it has relating to UFOs, does not necessarily mean that it is. There’s unlikely any way to verify it,” and “While it’s doubtful the documents released today will contain proof of life elsewhere in our solar system, it’s likely these documents will lead to many more questions.We are pouring through the documents today and will update as we uncover anything interesting.”

Those who might be interested in learning more about the ongoing information on UFOs..well then visit The Black Vault!