TikTok Star Avani Reyes ‘Accidentally’ Got Gorilla Glue in Her Hair

Mei Dotzler, Reporter

“I have no idea what to do. I tried washing it, it doesn’t come off.”

As if Gen Z couldn’t get any more ridiculous, TikToker Avani Reyes who has amassed over 498k followers, has been accused by her audience of bandwagoning on the Gorilla Glue trend, purposely putting it in her hair for ‘clout’ and a cash grab.

Tessica Brown from Louisiana was the first to try this trend, her efforts to use Gorilla Glue to matte down her own hair. Instagram @im_d_ollady

Following suit suspiciously quick after the original “Gorilla Glue girl” Tessica Brown, Reyes seemingly used this heavy-duty adhesive on accident only days after Brown travelled to Beverly Hills to undergo a free $12,500 procedure to remove the glue from her own scalp, which turned out to be successful.

“I don’t know what to do. This was an accident. I didn’t mean to put Gorilla Glue in my hair,” Reyes whines in Tik Tok video. “My scalp is burning.” “You guys, my hair will not comb,” she said, gasping multiple times. “Y’all, I already tried wetting it.”

Tik Tok @avanireyes

Despite her cry for help, the majority of Reyes’ followers did not sympathize with her situation, her comment section being littered with hate and criticism.

“You knew that would happen, don’t pretend you didn’t, clout chasing,” one person commented, and another simply saying “I hope it never comes out.”

After Reyes’ failed attempts to brush it out and futile hospital trips, claiming they “did nothing”, some people graciously suggested using tea tree oil or coconut oil to remove the glue. “I used coconut oil for like a half an hour and then I just washed my hair and there is still Gorilla Glue in my head. Guess I gotta go bald.” Someone even donated $3,000 to Reyes’ GoFundMe to help her out of this sticky predicament and pay for a trip to the same infamous “Glue Doctor” Dr. Michael Obeng in Beverly Hills.

However, Reyes just posted a new video a few hours ago on Feb. 18th showing off her new Gorilla Glue-free pink hair, showcasing the holy grail product that saved her.

While it’s good news she was able to get the adhesive out, Reyes is now facing more backlash regarding the money donated to her for a surgery she didn’t even get, people demanding they get their money back. People commenting things like “SINCE YOU GOT IT OUT GIVE EVERYBODY THEIR MONEY BACK” and “I really wish it stayed.”