Brielle Sterns’ Checklist: Serve, Spike, Full Ride Scholarship


Max Becker, Sports Editor

Getting a full athletic scholarship to a Division 1 college to play volleyball may seem like a pretty big deal. But for Brielle Sterns, it’s just another day on the court.

There’s no doubting that Brielle is one of our school’s premiere athletes. As a Junior, she has already played two years of varsity volleyball, and has been invited to play in tournaments all over the country. At one particular tournament, located in Las Vegas, she caught the attention of scouts from the nearby New Mexico State University. After receiving the news from her coaches that NMSU was interested in her, she followed up and received a full academic scholarship. She will be playing volleyball and running track at the collegiate level for New Mexico State. When asked why she wanted to attend this particular university, she said she was excited to join an already very good roster of volleyball players.

In addition to her volleyball records, Brielle is also a certified track star. She is already a two-time state champion, and stated one of her major goals in high school was to extend that streak to four straight years. Outside of school, she enjoys playing the sports she loves on club teams.

When asked if she had any tips for athletes seeking scholarships, she said the best thing to do was to put yourself out there. If a particular school isn’t interested in you at first, don’t be discouraged. “Don’t chase them,” she said, “make them chase you.” Sound advice from an already accomplished athlete.

Brielle Sterns has a very bright future ahead of her, and we wish her the best of luck in her athletic endeavors, both in high school and the next level.