It’s Official; Tucson is The Best!


Nousha Aldhefery, Associate Editor In Chief

It looks like what is home to us, is actually a paradise for others. Recently on the 2020 travel list Condé Nast Travels created, they marked Tucson as the number ninth place to travel in cities. Why you may ask? According to the magazine, Tucson won its spot because of its diversity and inclusiveness with Native American culture. With restaurants, events, and other spots to celebrate culture, it certainly does make the city one of the best.

They also marked Tucson on the list because of its beauty from the outdoors. Anyone who has been to Tucson knows how commonly known our picturesque sunsets are. It’s the moment where aspiring photographers take their first shot, families bond under it, or drives with new friends are made. The sunsets in Tucson are hard to describe, because they can’t compare to the other cities.

Not only that, but Downtown Tucson’s amazing city lights, as well as being miles away from the desert. So if you aren’t feeling the lights today, go visit the biggest cacti in the country at Saguaro’s National Park.

Tucson might be taken for granted by the people that live here, but if you look around, you might just find paradise. So, if you’re bored today, go look at some cacti, wait for the sunset to chase with your car, go explore Downtown, and if not- there’s always tomorrow in paradise.