Pregnant Women Encouraged to Get Covid Vaccine

Pregnant Women Encouraged to Get Covid Vaccine

Stacey Johnson, Reporter

Pregnant women are at a huge risk from getting further complications from COVID-19, meanwhile controversy looms over the safety of the vaccine.

The illness may cause pregnant women to be hospitalized, and the CDC say they’re not sure how the vaccine will affect women while breastfeeding; however, at the same time, the vaccine is told to be safe towards those breastfeeding and pregnant, or plan-to-be pregnant women.

The CDC also says that pregnant and recently pregnant women have a high risk of getting respiratory problems. Women who’ve had Covid during pregnancy are more likely to have a preterm birth (giving birth earlier than 37 weeks). 23 percent of pregnant women were shown to have an infection after one dose of the vaccine, in addition to this, 70 percent of pregnant women are more likely to have a risk of dying than non-pregnant women. In some rare cases, the virus can be transmitted to the baby during the pregnancy. Rakehell Contreras is pregnant and is afraid that if she gets the vaccine, that it will do harm towards the baby. CDC said that if you get the vaccine then there’s a less chance to have miscarriage, however this wasn’t proven a fact.

Pregnant people were not specifically included in the clinical trials, so it remains unclear what the potential side effects can be.