California’s Northern Wildfires


Toge Inumaki, Reporter

The Caldor Fire in California has increased in size, leading to even more evacuations. The states utility has been shutting off customers’ power and two people were airlifted to hospitals due to serious injuries. It’s been said the over 6,850 people evacuated according to the Emergency Services Office. The flames started to occur on Saturday August 14th and over 104 trees were burned in the first few minutes. The flames have gotten closer to a small town and over 50 houses have been burned in the process.

In 24 hours, the flames tripled over 53,700 acres and the growth of this increased when hitting East Sacramento. From August 20th, the flames have increased by 700,000 acres and has scorched the area the size of Chicago, but news reporters think the worst is still ahead. Thousands of people evacuated Utah due to the flames ravaging, and there have been air quality alerts due the to French Fire, with experts claiming the smoke is affecting their health, which can be fatal. It seems our satellite has captured pictures of the fires heading east of California and Oregon, and over 900 buildings have been destroyed due to the massive fire. We expect the flames to reach over 1 million acres withing 24-48 hours.

As of August 23rd, there has been no containment over the flames, which has now burned over 400 houses. Highway 50 is remaining closed until futher notice. California Has enforced ver 42,00 people to evacuate and it’s reaching Tahoe Basin, What were told is that the lames might burn through december into 2022 but we’ve contained 5% of it so fingers crossed. Another thing to note is that more than 2.5 million acres have been burned, the cause of the fire was a lightning shock hitting a tree then starting a fire chain reaction onto others.