T-Mobile Faces Data Breach


Malijah Ramirez, Reporter

On August 16th wireless carrier T-Mobile reported that hackers have gotten ahold of T-Mobile’s paying customer’s information and began an investigation. About “7.8 million postpaid subscribers, 850,000 prepaid customers” and “just over 40 million past or prospective customers who have applied for credit with T-Mobile” have been affected.

The information stolen includes names, date of birth, social security numbers, and driver’s license numbers. T-mobile has recommended that customers should change pins and passwords; however, the company has stated it has unilaterally reset those PINS as a security precaution.  They also said prepaid brands including Metro, Boost, and former Sprint customers have not had their PINS or names exposed.  In an attempt to console customers, T-Mobile has offered those affected two years of free credit monitoring.

On their website, T-Mobile is assuring customers by saying, “We’ve been working around the clock to address this event and continue protecting you, which includes taking immediate steps to protect all individuals who may be at risk.”