Tucson Has Record-Breaking Monsoon Season

Tony Bermudez, Reporter

When people hear the word monsoon, they may think of countries in Asia, unless you live in the southwest. Here in Tucson, we get the fierce winds and pouring rains of the monsoons too. They usually occur between July through September, then subside. In the past few years, the monsoons have been weak so to speak. For instance in 2019 we got 1.10 inches of rain and in 2020 we only had 0.78 inches of rain. Also a good thing to know is our average rainfall is 5.69 inches of rain.

This year so far, we have had a whopping 11.86 inches of rain already!  Even though we need the rain, it is important to remember it can be dangerous. Flash floods can occur and don’t try to cross any washes or your car can be swept away. Power lines and trees can come down due to the strong gusts of wind and rain. It is best to wait to travel until the storm has settled down. The rains can be a blessing but make sure to stay inside and stay safe.