Viral Milk Crate Challenge Causing Injuries

Jenifer Urzua, Reporter

Taking it back to 2017 to when eating tide pods were a thing, teenagers would bite into liquid detergent packs called tide pods and eat them. This challenge was extremely unhealthy and dangerous, however, these challenges have now escalated to milk crates, which could possibly be worse.

What started off as a funny online challenge drastically affected lots of people and has gone viral, being shared by millions on social media. This has influenced people globally including celebrities such as JuJu Smith-Schuster, and others. Participants step by step walk up a pyramid of milk crates built like stairs. Many participants fail at finishing the challenge and fall with serious injuries to the point where doctors have to get involved. Hospitals are already full of Covid patients and the injuries from this challenge are further stressing the hospitals

Three people have died from this challenge and it’s unclear how many injuries it has caused.