It’s Official! Kylie And Travis Are Expecting Baby No. 2

Stormi’s a big sister!


Mei Dotzler, Editor

Kylie Jenner is busting out those old Louis Vuitton maternity clothes for round two with another baby on the way.

The internet is unstoppable, and once Gen-Z noticed that Kylie suspiciously stopped posting bikini pictures and had various new manicures at opposing times, they launched a full-fledged FBI investigation to get to the bottom of it. After keeping the pregnancy under wraps for a few months, Kylie finally confirmed it herself with a 1:30 minute video on Instagram captioned with a white heart and pregnant lady emoji.

Kylie’s precious baby bump. @kyliejenner (Kylie Jenner)

Starting with a clip of Kylie showing her positive pregnancy test, then we see baby daddy Travis Scott affectionately touching her stomach as he learns he’s going to become a father of two. The most emotional part of the video is when they break the news to Kylie’s mom, Kris Jenner, tearing up as she says, “Stormi, we’re having another baby! This is one of the happiest days of my life.” Cue the cute montage, Kylie showing off her radiant baby bump figure and Stormi kissing her mom’s belly at the ultrasound as she whispers “baby” over and over again.

As expected, the poignant video went viral, garnering 138 million views and over 300,000 comments sending love and adoration towards the young couple’s way.

The makeup mogul and Astroworld rapper Travis Scott welcomed their firstborn, Stormi Webster, into the world in February 2018, announcing her birth the same way as this one with a YouTube video titled To Our Daughter. Deeply valuing their privacy, they thought it was for the best to keep the news private until feeling comfortable enough to share with the rest of us.

Stormi Webster, the cutest 3-year-old in the world. @kyliejenner (Kylie Jenner)

After rekindling their on-again-off-again relationship for good this time, Kylie and Travis plan to emulate their rare parenting style with Stormi for the new baby. “We try to do a more natural vibe with parenting, like more self-discipline,” Travis explaining their independence philosophy. “OK, you know you got to go to bed at nine. Are you going to stay up till eleven or are you going to go to sleep now?” Travis shares. “And it’s so cool [to hear her say], ‘I’m going to sleep y’all!'”

We’re beyond happy for Kylie and Travis, knowing they’ll make exceptional parents and raise the new baby in a home full of nothing but love. We are all extremely eager to see whether Stormi gets a baby sister or baby brother, and of course, all the new Instagram baby pictures Kylie will surely post.