Hurricane Nicholas In Louisiana


Stacey Johnson, Reporter

Right after Hurricane Ida,  in comes Hurricane Nicholas, hitting Louisiana. Hurricane Ida was a Category 4 Atlantic hurricane, and was the second-most damaging and intense hurricane. Hurricane Nicholas is a category 1 Hurricane. 

The people in Louisiana were told to expect heavy rain from Hurricane Nicholas. Nicholas does not have as high of winds as Ida; it’s more of a slow-moving rainmaker that could pour out 20 inches of rainfall. Forecasters predicted to see up to 2 to 3 inches of rain on Wednesday. By Thursday we should see significant moisture from the Gulf of Mexico. Life threatening  flash flooding impacts especially Louisiana to Florida Panhandle regions. Slow but heavy rain, Nicholas has such a resemblance towards Hurricane Harvey, the Category 4 storm in August of 2017. More than 6.2 million people are under flash flood warning from Texas to Florida Panhandle regions. More than 700,000 of these people are in the New Orleans region.