BTS and Coldplay Release Dreamy Collab “My Universe”

Krystal Orehek, Editor

Ever since BTS covered the heavy-hearted song ‘Fix You’ by Coldplay back in February, rumors of a collaboration between the two groups have been brewing. When the collab was officially announced on September 13th,  fans were not too surprised considering snippets of the song had been leaking for months, but that didn’t make ARMY and Coldplayers any less excited.


‘My Universe’ was released September 17th and needless to say it stole our hearts. Even though the collaboration sounds unexpected at first, the two groups blended together flawlessly in the 3-minute pop track. Both Coldplay and BTS’ music is filled with life and love, making ‘My Universe’ a heartfelt love song that makes you feel like driving 85 down the freeway and blasting it. Even though there are 11 people on the track, everyone got their time to shine. Notable points of the song are J-Hope and Suga’s, or SOPE’s, quiet yet rhythmic rap after the 2nd chorus of the song. Another thing hard to imagine at first, a rap in a Coldplay song, but the duo executed it in a perfect manner that didn’t make it stand out negatively at all. The vocals in the song were on par as much as the rap was, being the backbone of the song. BTS’ main vocalist Jungkook’s smooth and honey-like vocals came together with Coldplay’s main vocalist Chris Martin’s deep and slightly rough voice, creating the perfect contrast.


On September 28th the music video was released, taking place on alien planets to go along with Coldplay’s album’s theme, “Music of The Spheres.” On separate planets where music is not allowed, the groups rebel to sing and dance along with the aliens on the planets. The groups were not able to film the music video together, but it was cleverly added into the storyline, and even song, by having them be from separate planets in the video and “because we come from different sides” being a line in the song. BTS can be seen performing with Coldplay in the video as holograms and were even shown on the big screen when Coldplay performed the song at Global Citizen Live.

The groups have released loads of behind-the-scenes content of the making of the song, and we love the relationship between them! Chris Martin gifted BTS’ Jin his guitar, in a photo we see Coldplay in BTS merchandise and BTS in Coldplay’s, Chris Martin said, “I love them, and we love them, and it’s been such a joy. It’s something you could look at so cynically, and we have at times, but anytime there’s actual communication or music between us, it just feels so good. So, I unabashedly and unashamedly feel really grateful for the song, grateful for the person that inspired the song, and grateful for the people we sing it with.”