Top Ten Things I Learned From DC Comics 


Jade Christiansen, Contributor

Don’t Compare Yourself to Others 

Dick Grayson (Nightwing) is the first Robin, to Batman. He grows up constantly comparing himself to Bruce Wayne, and even moves cities just to try to be like him. Through being in this new city, he realizes that he can be his own person, and fight in a different way. He returns to Batman and continues to fight alongside him, without trying to hard to be just like him.  

 Trust People Who Deserve to Be Trusted 

Jason Todd is the second Robin, who is killed by the Joker. After being revived, he comes back to Gotham, angry that Batman hadn’t killed the Joker in revenge for his death. He loses the trust he had for Batman, and makes it his mission to kill the Joker himself. Batman tries to stop him, which only leads to more distrust. After fighting each other, they sit down for a burger together. “Like old times,” they called it. They talk, genuinely, for the first time since Jason’s death. He realizes that he can trust again, and readjusts himself into the family that Bruce has made. He learns to trust again, despite having felt betrayed and wronged. He learned to forgive. 

 You Can Take Time to Focus on Other Problems 

Tim Drake, dare I say the third Robin, becomes so invested in his vigilante work that he drops out of school. He didn’t realize how much time and effort would be needed for his night job, and he digs himself too deep into it. His work almost becomes routine, and he can’t seem to enjoy life. So he takes a step back. He spends time with his family, his girlfriend, and investigating smaller parts of his life. He truly understood when everything became to much, to take everything down a notch and relax. 


Sometimes You Need to Change 

Damien Wayne-and yes, the fourth Robin-is taken from a life of assassins to a life of family. He struggles with his father’s “no-kill” rule, and excludes himself. Despite still disagreeing with the rule, he realizes that his father just wants to be safe. He adjusts himself to the family and grows stronger relationships with his brothers and father. Though he didn’t change his attitude completely, he realized that he wanted to be apart of a family. In doing so, he changed himself in a way he was comfortable with. 


You Can Learn to Love 

Bruce has an extremely hard life, after losing his parents. He doesn’t know how to extend himself and love. Despite this, people fall into his path that need his help. Through this, he learns how to love. Even though he had a hard time showing emotions sometimes, he let his new family teach him how to live with each other. He extends himself to help others in more than vigilantism, in love as well. 


You Can Always Change 

Selina Kyle, or Catwoman, was a burglar and criminal. She thinks that it’s impossible for her to change. Then multiple heroes come into her path, and she realizes that it’s never to late to change. She finds love in Bruce, and reforms herself. She knows she can change and be a good person, despite being bad for so long. 


Always Speak Your Mind 

During battle, Stephanie always has little quips and comebacks for villains and even fellow heroes. As Spoiler, she has a reputation for silence. However, she finds her own way to speak her mind and show how she feels. Even with a villain for a dad, she comes back at him with a sarcastic remark. She just shows that some people process hard events in different ways. 


You Can Be Happy and Funny, and Still Be Mature 

While in the team Young Justice, Wally West has a tendency to be immature. He, as Kid Flash, tries to make hard situations more upbeat with jokes. They don’t always land, and they sometimes make the situation worse. With the help and influence of friends, Wally gains an understanding of how to placate people in unfortunate circumstances. He rolls off words without worrying about making other uncomfortable, and gains a sense of maturity.  


Surround Yourself with Good Friends 

Conner Kent is a clone of Superman. He isn’t accepted at first by his superior, and has a sense of anger because of it. His feelings are hurt, naturally, and he tends to lash out. The friends that he gains always accept him, and he realizes that he shouldn’t be looking for validation in someone who won’t give it to him. What he should be doing in surrounding himself with people who will always accept him. 


Sometimes We Are Put in Situations Out of Our Control 

Bart Allen is Impulse, the grandson of The Flash. He lives in a dark and desolate future, and travels back in time to prevent whatever caused it. It wasn’t his fault, whatever may have caused the dark time. However, he was the one sent to change it. And despite being just a kid, he adjusts himself in the situation and handles it calmly. He shows that some things are out of our control, but we should always stay positive.