Lovejoy’s New EP “Pebble Brain”


Aspen Lenox, Reporter

Get out of your seats and dance, for Lovejoy dropped a new EP called “Pebble Brain!” The new EP dropped on October 14, 2021. Lovejoy is a new British indie band that formed in Brighton, England this year. Pebble Brain reached the top 12 in the official albums in the UK! The band consists of 4 members: Wilbur Soot, the vocalist/lead writer; Joe Goldsmith, the guitarist; Ash Kabosu, the bassist; and Mark Boardman, the drummer. The band is signed to Anvil Cat Records. This EP consists of  seven tracks – the most popular track being “The Fall.”

Wilber Soot was a recognized content creator and musician. He has made music before Lovejoy, with an album called “Your City Gave Me Asthma, “Maybe I Was Bored,”  and a few other solo tracks. Wilbur took a song off of “Maybe I was Boring” called “It’s all futile! It’s all pointless!” and replaced it with “Pebble Brain,” and fans love it! Lleria, a fan of Lovejoy, said, “I think the EP was well done and a huge step up from ‘Are you Alright?’ It was produced well and you can tell each song has its own unique style. Overall I would say that it’s a great way for someone to get into indie music!” Another fan, Masyn Cole, said, “It instantly had me dancing around my room like a maniac. The song’s guitar and music, mixed in with the perfectly crafted lyrics, filled my body with joy,”

Lovejoy fans can’t wait till tours startup. The band members have been hinting at one soon, but until then, fans will just have to jam to “LoveJoy” from any major music streaming platform.

(Images from @lovejoyonline on instagram)