November’s Minecraft Championship 18 Recap


Aspen Lenox, reporter

Grab some snacks friends, and turn on Twitch MCC because it’s finally here! This past Saturday, November 13th, MCC All-stars took place. MCC is the Minecraft Championship where once a month, ten teams of four compete in a variety of mini-games in Minecraft. These tests every player’s skills in the game such as parkour, survival, PvP, and teamwork while streaming it! The championship was streamed either on Twitch or YouTube. Unlike the past events with MCC, this month, the teams were only made up of past MCC winners of the event. MCC works by winning games and getting coins which give each player a personal standing/advantage.

The winning team was Red Rabbits whose members were: BadBoyHalo, Dreamwastaken, Georgenotfound, and Sapnap. They dominated by winning five out of eight events! Each member was placed in the top ten individual standing. The first place was Dream, second place was Sapnap, Seventh place was George, and Ninth place was BadBoyHalo. The team worked amazingly together by using everyone’s skills and communication! This is probably due to the years of friendship and trust they all share with one other.

Fans of the event have this to say about it. Halen, Sahuaro senior, said, “I look forward to this event every month! It’s super fun to watch with friends, and this month’s event was especially enjoyable with the Dream Team on Red Rabbits!” Lleira Northey, a sophomore at UHS, expresses, “I’m always excited for MCC. I would consider it my [version of] football. It’s always entertaining as well as supportive as a community.”

If you would like to know more about MCC, all information can be found on the MCC Twiter.