The Most Popular Trends of 2021

Your yearly think-piece on the latest fashion, skincare, and pop culture trends from Yours Turly.

Mei Dotzler, Editor


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  • The single trend that reigned all of 2021: the re-emergence of 90s fashion. Plaid skirts, blazers, mini silk dresses, leather jackets, straight leg denim jeans. Fashion that is genuinely timeless, I think this trend is here to stay. Alongside the new craze of thrifting, finding the chicest, most stylish pieces at your local Savers has never been a problem. So ladies, grab your shoulder bag and favorite oversized button-up; it’s officially trendy to dress like Rachel Green again.

  • The Queen of Pop herself released a series of “Taylor’s Version” this year, re-recording her 2012 album ‘Red’ in order to reclaim control of her own music as she signs to a new label. Elevated vocals with deeper warmth and maturity, the singer shines through and clearly gets her message across in her poignant new versions, making her fans scream and cry at the same time. Taylor finally shares her side of the story, taking back the creative power that she once had, but was stolen from her.

  • One of my favorite trends from this year is the up-and-coming skincare regime, officially kicking off during the peak-pandemic. Everyday brands like The Ordinary, Cera Ve, Cetaphil, dominate the daily skincare routine, or if you’re a little more expensive like me, Youth To The People, Khiel’s, Sunday Riley, are circulating on your Sephora wishlists. Whether you’re a 10-step or 3-step kind of girl, everyone needs at least a cleanser and mousturizer. Maybe a serum. It’s that simple.

  • Woman of the year. Olivia Rodrigo took over every single platform known to man with her debut album ‘SOUR’, garnering over a billion streams on Spotify this year. Everyone knows her, and everyone can sing lyrics from at least 5 of her songs, like ‘traitor’, ‘good 4 u’, and ‘drivers license’. She’s easily becoming one of the defining stars of this generation, an outspoken voice for young girls at just 18-years-old.

  • Celebs love alcohol, so they just release their own. Most notably this year is Kendall Jenner’s appraised 818 Tequila brand, signifying the area code of her beloved home, California. Designed to have three expressions (or flavors), Reposado, Blanco, and Añejo, everyone wants a taste of that sweet but rich flavor, starting at $48 a bottle. Following in the same footsteps, sexy Ryan Reynolds also has his own ‘Aviation Gin’, advertising in some pretty clever Ryan-esque ways. The worst part about all of this is these celebs have insane launch parties that we so wish we were invited too.

  • Low-rise and baggy jeans are back baby. And here’s to hoping they stay forever and ever. Another nod to the 90s revival, big pants are the only pants now, streetwear revolving around the “boyfriend” sized trend. I love it. It dresses every outfit down just the right amount, making you look comfortable but not lazy. Pair some baggy jeans with a cropped tank top and jacket, your favorite sneakers and gold jewelry, and you’ll embody that ever-so-desired “model off duty” look.

  • Commanding everyone’s Pinterest boards, swirly, vibrant nails have become top of the To-Do list for the next set. The subtle pop of color controlled this Hot Girl Summer, shifting into more muted tones as the months get colder. The signature medium almond shape with abstract lines or multi-colored french tips are the new it-nails, becoming the accessory of the season.

  • Besides alcohol, celebrities also love stamping their names on makeup and as of lately, fragrances too. Billie Eilish’s ‘Eilish’ is vanilla-forward with soft spices and cocoa, creating an amber musk gourmand. The sleek gold body bottle accentuates her aesthetic perfectly: sophisticated and classy. In the makeup industry, singer Ariana Grande explores what it means to be a makeup mogol with launch of REM Beauty, a sci-fi approach to the minimal “no-makeup, makeup” look.

  • This year specifically was the year of the cowboy boots, becoming a MAJOR MAJOR MAJOR staple piece in every girl’s closet. Something about them just adds a little flare to every outfit, suddenly becoming a boot that everyone needs. Oddly enough they match just about everything, no matter what color they are. Diamonds are no longer a girl’s bestfriend. Cowboy boots are.

  • Every girl walked out of the salon this year with some variation of curtain bangs, the hairstyle taking off from noneother than Pinterest. The framing pieces beautifully shape any and all faces, adding more body and dimension to even the straightest of hair. Long hair or short, they go with everything, making you look just a little more put together when letting your hair down. I recommend anyone to get curtain bangs, from a curtain bang queen myself.

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