Top 10 Binge-Worthy Shows of 2021


Kasia Jackson, Reporter

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  • Image by Rotten Tomatoes. Atypical a show speaking on the experiences of someone with Autism. This show came out with its 4th and final season in 2021.

  • Image by Netflix. This show’s 2nd season released in 2021. John.B and his other three friends are in search for his missing father. Through their searching, they find treasure that is linked to John.B’s father.

  • Image by STARZ. This show is a sequel to “Power.” Tariq tries to rid the legacy of his father while dealing with pressures of trying to save his family.

  • Image by Netflix. Money hungry individuals get an invitation to this game, where they have to play children’s games. In these competitions their lives are on the line.

  • Image by Netflix. A series that is a sequel to the Karate Kid franchise, following the current lives of characters Daniel LaRusso and Johnny Lawrence.

  • Image by CW. Inspired by a true story, the main character Spencer James is a highschool football player in Crenshaw, who then transfers to a school Beverly Hills. He struggles trying to balance his two different worlds.

  • Image by Netflix. A Latinx family trying to make it by in Boyle Heights, Los Angeles. The face issues of gentrification and immigration.

  • Image by Marvel. Falcon and Bucky have to work together to deal with anarchists, and other issues that developed after the Marvel Movie End Game.

  • Image by STARZ. Inspired by a true story of a influential crime family, that was involved in drugs and money laundering.

  • Image by HBO. This show is about two bestfriends going through life with insecurities. Also touching on the fact of their experiences of being black.

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