Meet StuCo’s 2016-17 Officers


Carla Hernandez, Business Manager


President: Camila Ibarra

Camila has been in Student Council since sophomore year. She ran for secretary freshman year, but lost. However, she did not let this discourage her from joining the next school year, “I decided to join because I’ve always liked to be involved and help with school activities. I like being able to organize school events and bring spirit to Sahuaro.”

Camila believes that being in Student Council has helped her grow as a person. Many of us have seen the beautiful cougar mural by the lunch lines inside the cafeteria. This mural was painted by Camila. “Student council has given me many opportunities. Being in student council is what got me to start painting murals.”

Next year, Camila hopes to get the school involved in more activities. She wants people to feel welcome and for them to know that Student Council cares about them, “When I set my mind on things, I get them done. My goal is to bring everyone together and hopefully make them feel like they’re a part of a big family.”


Vice President: Giselle Enriquez

Giselle joined Student Council just this year. “Over the summer, I didn’t think I was involved in as much as I could. Joining Student Council was my first step to contributing more to the school. It made me step out of my comfort zone and join more things.”

Giselle decided to run for Vice President because she wanted to be in a leadership position that would allow her to make a difference at Sahuaro. As VP, she hopes to get her class more united and create a fun senior year that they can all enjoy.

Student Council is in charge of many events that happen at our school. Giselle says, “My favorite thing is the ability to come up with ideas and see them come through. I like having the ability to reach out to the school and create things such as spirit week.”


Corresponding Secretary: Carly Cahoun

Carly joined Student Council in middle school. She decided to become corresponding secretary to help better Sahuaro. “I wanted to join my senior year as corresponding secretary to help impact the lives of others through community service and various fundraisers.”

Carly’s favorite part about Student Council is being able to work in a team, “I love working with many diverse people to accomplish a common goal.”

As corresponding secretary, Carly hopes to bring many changes to Student Council. Her job is to organize community service projects, the student council calendar, and fundraisers. She is hoping to get Student Council involved with organizations like Youth On Their Own and Casa Maria Soup Kitchen, “Overall, I hope to make our club further integrated within the Tucson community and have our students gain professional experience, promote personal growth, and strengthen the community”

Recording Secretary:  Hailey Ward

Hailey has been in Student Council ever since she was in 3rd grade, so joining StuCo at Sahuaro was a necessary part of her high school experience. “I joined because I want to experience every leadership opportunity possible, I want to better our school and bring everyone closer as a family, and I want to improve our service to our community.”

Hailey’s favorite part about Student Council is working with a team who always gets the job done and seeing Sahuaro’s school spirit. She also likes to be able to plan dances, spirit weeks, and assemblies. “Getting to see everyone smile at Sahuaro is a great thing to experience.”

Next year, Hailey hopes to accomplish many things, “I hope to accomplish bringing my senior class together as a family and making sure every student has a great and exciting year. I also want to bring more leadership into StuCo and provide guidance so that underclassmen can have successful years as well. Making people happy and putting others first is always my main goal.”


Treasurer: Ryan DePugh

Ryan ran for treasurer because he wanted to take on more responsibility and help Student Council be more efficient. “My favorite part of Student Council is being able to see the final product of our tasks. Student Council members are able to encourage students to participate in school activities.”

Every year, Student Council hopes to increase school spirit at Sahuaro. Ryan says, “Next year I am hoping to be able to bring the school together and raise school spirit. Our members are hoping to attend leadership camps over the summer to learn new ways to get the student body involved in our activities.”

Ryan believes that, “People should join Student Council if they want to help the school as a whole. They should have ideas on how to make the school better, as well as be able to bring something unique and special to Student Council.”