Home Team Movie Review


Kasia Jackson, Reporter

There is a new Netflix movie called Home Team, starring Kevin James, who plays Sean Payton, the formal Football Coach of the New Orleans Saints. The movie is based around the time the NFL Coach was accused of paying his players money to harm other players. I’m not too familiar with Payton’s personal life and coaching style, however, I feel that the film is loosely based on his life because of the comedic implementation. Then again, it’s produced by Happy Madison Production (founded by Adam Sandler), which means there are going to be comedic qualities and I’m here for it.

After Payton faces suspension for bounty gate in 2012, he goes back to Argyle, Texas to build a better relationship with his son, Connor. Connor is on the Warrior football team, which is the worst team in their middle school division. He and his teammates lack the proper confidence to beat other teams. Their school even decided to turn off the scoreboard after 40 points to avoid major devastation for the players. Every game they played after that, the scoreboards would get turned off because they would lose terribly. While Payton attends one of his son’s games, he felt the need to give advice from the sidelines. Connor’s coach Lambert (played by Taylor Lautner) takes his advice, resulting in a good play. In awe of Payton’s offensive coaching abilities, Lambert decides to offer Payton a job as the offensive coach.

Payton takes the job to be closer to his son. There is resentment placed on Payton from his son, about his father not really being there for him much. That resentment fades away the longer his dad coaches his football team. Payton even builds a better relationship with his ex-wife, Beth(played by Jackie Sandler), and her husband, Jamie (played by Rob Schneider). Jamie is an odd character and doesn’t really have a way with words. Instead of telling Payton he is proud of the progress made in the relationship with Connor, Jamie decides to tell a story about having resentment towards his own father and not speaking to him for 30 years and that he is probably dead by now. Awkward, right? Payton’s confused about why he would bring something like that up and Jamie says because Payton’s cologne reminded Jamie of his father. Which Payton mentions he doesn’t wear any and Jamie goes up to Payton and sniffs him, which makes the situation even more awkward, but even more hilarious.

As time goes on, and there is a winning streak for the Warriors, Payton gets lost in the sauce and focuses more on the winning rather than the fun of it all. He even was excluding players from playing on the field because they weren’t as good as the other ones. It upsets his son and other players, causing Payton to reflect upon his actions and makes him change his ways.

The overall movie was 3.5/5 stars. My favorite parts were when Jamie was popping up making situations even more weird than they should be. I would recommend this movie to anyone who enjoys football with a bit of comedy and some sarcastic twists.