Euphoria – A Must Watch


Malibu Valenzuela, Reporter

Euphoria, made in 2019 , recently came out with season 2 after years of people’s demand. Written by Sam Levinson, Drake is the executive director and the main character is played by Zendaya. It’s about a group of teenagers in high school dealing with all different kinds of problems such as drug addiction, alcohol abuse, emotional and physical abuse, sex, relationship/friendship fall outs, and insecurity facing around sexual orientation. If you check out the soundtrack, all songs made by Labrinth are specifically designed for each character.

A couple of fun facts about Euphoria are, with Drake directing the show, he is also funding the show. Another fact is that the makeup they have done determines their emotions and development throughout the show. Levinson and his team created a gravity defying set for one of Zendaya’s scenes in the first episode. Tom Holland has actually visited the set at least 30 times as well, maybe to visit his “M.J.”? Fans can only hope that this is the case.

My personal opinion is that parents and teenagers should watch it. It could really help parents understand their kids more and the signs of the topics discussed in this show. As for teenagers, it could really help them out with personal issues and understanding the issues in society today. It’s helped me understand people’s problems and from their point of view. It could do the same thing for you and I highly recommend this for everyone above 16.