Jackson Brown: Volleyball Extraordinaire


Ben Robinson, Reporter

With springs sports starting last month, new and old athletes are reemerging. Jackson Brown, a sophomore here at Sahuaro, is in his 5th year of volleyball, playing all through middle school and (so far) both of his high school years. After the first game of the season last year, he was put on the JV team. After the third game (April 7, 2021), he was put on the Varsity team… as a freshman! That is quite the accomplishment. He says he got there by “…putting in a lot of practice, effort, and time; I was able to become a better player and work well with my team.”

When asked what college or colleges he wanted to attend and why, he said, “Penn State; they have a very good volleyball team and also a great metallurgical engineering program. Also, my grandpa went there and it would be really cool to attend the same college or the University of Hawaii at Mānoa; They just have a good volleyball team… and it would be awesome to go to college in Hawaii. BYU Provo: They have lots of good engineering programs and I also have some family up there. Just like the other colleges, they have a pretty good volleyball team.” These are all great colleges and would be good matches for his interests and skills. They all have exceptional volleyball teams and their programs complement his career choices.

His entire family has some sort of interest in volleyball. His brother played on Sahuaro’s team all four years he attended. Jackson’s sister played two of the years she attended Sahuaro. Both of his parents enjoy watching Jack participate as well as watching higher-level players compete. So, when he was able to watch his siblings play, he enjoys watching them and other players compete, so it got him motivated and interested in the sport.

In freshman year, he started playing the middle position until he switched to the outside. On both his club team and on his school team, he is playing outside. A few months ago while playing on a club team, he joined late, but they allowed him to try out and he did very well, so they kept him on the team. He ended up playing for that team for a few months and they went to tournament and they all did pretty well. Jackson continues playing now for the varsity team.

It is safe to say that Jack will do quite well in life and the rest of his high school career. He has a bright future ahead of him no matter what he decides to do with it.