Ambulance Review: New Movie In Theaters


Jenifer Urzua, Reporter

Ambulance has just hit the theaters, but is it worth sitting down for 2 whole hours? Yes, it certainly is.

This movie will have your eyes glued to the screen and keep you on the edge of your seat! Everything happens so fast.

Michael Bay did an excellent job with this movie. The story is about a veteran needing money to cover his wife’s medical bills. He teams up with his adoptive brother to steal $32 million from a Los Angeles bank. And even though they’re stealing $32 million dollars, there’s nothing big to worry about since his brother has experience in doing those sorts of things – so you think- but, something incredibly bad happens.

Their getaway goes tragically wrong and next thing you know, the thieves hijack an ambulance that’s carrying a severely wounded cop and an EMT worker.  They were caught up in a big chase and the two siblings must figure out a way to outrun the law while keeping their hostages alive.

This was an intense movie from the start. I was so immersed and glued to the screen, throughout the movie. It keeps you curious and interested to find out what will happen next. Although this movie does have a long car chase, it has lots of amazing actors including Jake Gyllenhaal and Yahya Abdul-Mateen Il, who played the two brothers, and including Eiza González as the EMT worker. It all seems so real. The acting was amazing and the suspense will have you biting your nails off!